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TUTORING – Control of Grid Connected Power Converters

Methodology, Modelling and Real-Time Simulation


This tutorial is aiming to give both intuitive and practical understanding on the issues related to the control of power converter connected to any kind of grids in a general context of multiplication of decentralized power generation and microgrids. A special focus is provided on the control of power converters connected to weak or isolated networks with a particular attention to synchronisation and harmonic rejection. The implementation of a dedicated control on the power converter side together with a careful identification of network perturbations is supported by both theory and practical examples.

The covered topics include network basics (grid modelling, strength, harmonic distortion and standards), control of power converters (control basics, handling of AC systems), grid synchronisation (PLL techniques, handling of weak networks with disturbances) and handling of asymmetric grids (control techniques for decoupling disturbances). The tutorial contains design and simulation examples supported by industrial experience and academic approach. A Hardware in the Loop Real-Time simulator demonstrates all mentioned topics and developments with live running examples and an implemented controller.

This tutorial addresses to a general audience willing to know more about issues encountered in the handling of weak and asymmetric networks from the point of view of the power converter as well as the use of a real-time simulator for interacting a power converter with a network. Elements of control theory and practical examples are given so anyone can follow and understand the theoretical developments. Not restraining to general knowledge, control specialists also find their interest as developments is pushed further with proper theoretical demonstrations and practical implementation.


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