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Power Electronics & Systems Consultancy – Switzerland

PESC-CH is a Swiss partnership of applied research specialists and independent actors in the field of power electronics and systems, founded in 2014 in Geneva.

We offer our expertise on several levels in energy management and power conversion for power converters and systems. We do implementation, design and specifications of power components including digital control, thermal management of semiconductor devices, and magnetic components. We study the integration of power converters and intermediate energy storage in environmental friendly power systems with a clear focus on efficiency, availability, and power quality. We perform reliability analysis of power converters and systems, including electromagnetic compatibility, test automation of digital controllers, and failure analysis.

Our working environment consists of a hardware-in-the-loop simulation tool for control design of power converters as well as integration studies in power systems. We build simulation models for a wide range of software simulation tools. We also offer our expertise and measurement equipment for the power quality analysis of industrial equipment.

We teach in academia and industry, presenting constantly up-to-date content with practical examples and dedicated tutorials. With access to the latest scientific publications through several society memberships worldwide, we built an extensive network for knowledge sharing and technology transfer.

  • Swiss partnership

    We work in collaboration with Swiss independent actors to promote national know-how and innovation. With our partners, we share an extensive expertise and a common vision on the future of power converters and systems.

  • Powerful tools

    We promote powerful tools for control design of power converters and system integration study. We share simulation models and teach their use for any software platform.

  • Scientific community

    We contribute actively to scientific community through several society memberships worldwide. We have access to latest scientific publications and an extensive network for knowledge sharing and technology transfer.



Real-Time Processing

Control design of power converters and system integration study

With our main partner’s powerful real-time emulator for hardware in the loop simulation, industrial controllers can be directly confronted to almost real operating conditions. Testing all possible situations and faults allows foreseeing most of control related issues before their implementation in a real converter working in a real environment. The integration study of power converter in power systems such as grid connection, drives, power generation, intermediate energy storage, is empowered by the versatility and flexibility of our real-time hardware simulator.

Simulation and modeling

Proprietary and open source environments

With our wide expertise in numerous simulation software environments, either proprietary or their open source equivalents (SciLab, EMTP-RV, Gecko, Octave) available with any operating systems, we can build simulation models of large power systems and power converters for their study and design. Sharing simulation models and teaching their use for the study of power systems and the integration of power converters is part of our services and tutoring activities.



Power Quality Analysis

Harmonics, load sharing, network impact

With our expertise and our measuring equipment we can perform thorough harmonic analysis, together with load sharing and overall power quality of your equipment. The analysis we propose is performed in two ways. One is done from the equipment  point of view with a focus on network perturbations as seen from the power equipment in order to improve its robustness. The second is done from the network point of view, with a focus on the equipment’s impact on the given network, in order to improve harmonic injection especially when facing weak networks.

Low Power Lab

Inhouse laboratory for testing and prototyping

We do hardware testing and low power prototyping (up to 10kW). With our expertise, we can build and test battery chargers, control interfaces and various drives.



John Baillie

John Baillie


His ten years’ experience in power electronics has given him a skill-set ranging from semiconductor characterisation to project management. His principal skill is the development and testing of power electronic components and systems up to the megawatt range. He has a hands-on and pragmatic approach to be able to quickly prioritise and solve problems. His ability to simultaneously consider functional, safety, EMC and supply-chain requirements give a holistic approach to design, ensuring that a product will have a high chance of success. Deep knowledge of standards make him an excellent partner to accelerate your time to market and certification. He understands the human and technical resources that are required for hardware development and testing so can orientate your project in the right direction with clear and realistic milestones. He has always worked in multicultural teams and exercises great communication skills both with engineers of other disciplines and non-technical staff.

daniel siemaszko

Dr. Daniel Siemaszko


With about 10 years experience in power electronics and systems, as a development engineer in industry and applied researcher in university, he founded PESC-CH in 2014. His strong technical skills and wide expertise reflects on the numerous targets and activities of the company. His interests range from control of power converters to implementation of modular topologies and their integration into several power systems. His social skills and ease in knowledge exchange, makes him a excellent tutor and network builder. His efficient working methods and devoted attitude makes him a valuable partner to work with and his organisation skills makes him a success oriented project leader.


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