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Design Engineering

Control software for power converters

Bringing control theory to practice with the implementation of reliable and optimized controllers to dedicated control platforms is our speciality. We do system study, optimization of control parameters and programming of micro controllers for power converters in various power systems such as grid connected power converters, multi-level converters, optimal intermediate storage interfaces, drives and others.


Digital controllers, measurements acquisitions and gate drivers

Modern power converters work with dedicated digital controllers based on DSP and FPGA chips working as a link between measured values and states for producing control signals to various active parts. We offer dedicated solutions that may be applied to any power converter and system, including measurement interfaces, digital control platforms and gate drivers for power semiconductor devices.


Specifications for power converters and components

When designing and implementing a power converter, various power components must be specified and manufactured by third parties. The design of such components must fulfil strict requirements regarding specification on the power converter and the system it interfaces. We offer a dedicated service for writing specification documents for the best integration of power components in power converters.


Design of compact, reliable power stacks

Compact and reliable design of power converters is necessary for the implementation of power conversion solution in various systems. Thermal management, EMC and reliability of the converter are the most crucial aspects in the successful operation of the power system. We propose our services for the design of compact power converter units and dedicated guidance for system level specifications.


Magnetic components design

The careful design of inductors for current filtering, grid and medium frequency transformers, and electromechanical components allow to optimize the overall functionality of the power converter in terms of of efficiency, converter weight, and power quality. We offer guidance for specifications of magnetic components, or full design along with our partner GeckoMAGNETICS for full integration in power converters and use with power systems.

  • Design Engineering

    Our design engineering services include specification, design and implementation of power converters and power components. We offer our expertise to enhance your digital controllers, to improve semiconductor devices’ lifetime with proper thermal management, and the integration of power components.

  • Powerful tools

    We use modern hardware and software simulation tools for efficient and optimal delivery. We promote powerful tools for control design of power converters and system integration study. We share our simulation models for a wide range of software platforms as part of our services.

Consultancy and system integration study

Power management in Smart Grids, micro-grids and islands

The future of Smart Grids and the interconnection of micro-grids of various sizes is enabled with accurate power management on the system level as well as the efficient energy transfer through power converters. More generally, any islanded system including renewable energy sources and storage systems requires intelligent control of power flows for an optimized functionality of the system. We offer our expert guidance as well as our green oriented approach for the best environmental impact in the implementation of power systems with reliable power management.


Injection of renewable energy to the grid and green storage

The injection of renewable energy sources in any type of supply network is always dependant to meteorological conditions, requiring a dedicated storage system for supplying the instantaneous demand in power. The injection of green storage based on compressed air, vanadium redux-flow or fuel cells allows to fulfil the demand without environmental impact. We offer our expertise in the dimensioning of a dedicated storage systems suitable for application ranging from small remote villages to industrial sites.


Quality management, failure tracking, and test automation

Any power system, no matter its size, has strong requirements on overall availability, impacting of reliability requirements for power converters. We offer our expertise in the quality management of a given system with thorough failure analysis and power quality improvement. We also perform dedicated test automation of industrial digital controllers for power converters and systems.


Thermal management, EMC, and reliability in power converters

General reliability in power converters does not only come from robust control, but also proper thermal management in semiconductor devices and accurate electromagnetic compatibility study (EMC) with reference to the unwanted effects due to electromagnetic energy. We offer our expert assistance in the design of new power converters as well as the analysis of existing equipment for improving overall their reliability and robustness.

  • System Integration

    Together with our partners, we work on a new era of smart energy management and power conversion. We study the integration of power converters and intermediate energy storage in environmental friendly power systems with a clear focus on efficiency and reliability.

  • Consultancy

    Our strong expertise is put to practice through the analysis on different levels of power converters and systems. We study any given system with a focus on electromagnetic compatibility, test automation, and failure analysis.

Tutoring for university and industry

Assistance for project applications and scientific publications

We offer our experience and assistance in the publication of innovative articles in scientific journals or conferences related to power converters and systems. For best added value, we offer a strong theoretical background, valuable use of references, and clear demonstrations. We also offer our know-how in the redaction of applications for various project funds related to academic research or industrial development.


Control of grid connected power converters

In the context of multiplication of renewable energy sources or remote power systems, power converters that are interfacing sources and loads with the local grid are confronted to weaker networks with frequent disturbances. This course, suited for both academics and industrials, offers an expertise on the implementation of controllers for power converters connected to weak and asymmetric networks. Practical examples are given together with dedicated tutoring with simulation models.

  • Tutoring

    We contribute in the education of engineers by offering lectures and tutoring activities in university and industry. Our constantly up-to-date material is given with practical examples and dedicated practice sessions.

  • Scientific community

    We contribute actively to scientific community through several society memberships worldwide. We have access to latest scientific publications and an extensive network for knowledge sharing and technology transfer.

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